As mentioned in our Discord - our servers (game & web) have been moved from a cloud (shared) VPS to a Dedicated Physical Server!
This allows us to streamline a lot of upgrades, to add new maps and the main thing is to provide more stable playing experience and faster downloads for you!
But sadly that comes with a price: we hope it will not double from what it was, but for a period of time we will have to cover the VPS prices as well

That is why we are asking for donations: You can donate by clicking here or with the yellow donate button on the left!

SURF 24/7 TIMER! (Tiers 1 - 3)

Top VIPs: Nonithoxx kabaH Xeen Buxton hate

Every 15 minutes on the server grants you 1 VIP point. At 500 points (Bronze Level) you unlock trails and chat colors (+tag/player color).
From 1500 points upwards you unlock two player models every +500 points!
More info while in server: !vip

Top 10 Surfers:
  • ice cold (2906)
  • Happy (2649)
  • hate (2410)
  • Fouci (2382)
  • Jarrius (2283)
  • Anckarström (2141)
  • Guffy ^v^ (2010)
  • Nonithoxx (1970)
  • Xeen (1793)
  • kabaH (1646)